Last week a Continental Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Newark hit more than normal turbulence. They toilets overflowed and sewage came gushing down the aisles to the dismay of the 200 passengers on board.

The plane left Amsterdam last Wednesday, but made an unplanned landing in Shannon, Ireland, for repairs after the lavatories went out of commission. Apparently the crew didn’t solve the problem as they probably had hoped. This same plane was the one that spilled the sewage.
Shortly after take off is when the disaster started, but the plane continued across the Atlantic.
The solution given to the passengers during the meal service- Don’t eat or drink too much we only have a semi-working bathroom.

The airline industry can’t afford another black eye. People are already growing increasingly frustrated by the massive lines at the airport, the dwelling service, delays, baggage losses, etc.

The questions is should they have turned the plane around for the sake of good healthy customer service or was it appropriate to keep going as they did?

Michael D. Brown