The fate of the stock market, most Wall Street pundits say, now rests in the hands of Bernanke, the nation’s top central banker.

When the Bernanke-led Federal Reserve meets Tuesday, it is expected to cut its target for the fed funds rate — the rate banks charge each other for overnight loans — for the first time in the Bernanke era. Investors say cuts are necessary to revive a wobbly economy dragged down by the sinking housing market and resulting defaults on mortgages taken out by folks with shaky credit.

With oil at $80 a barrel, retail sales growth coming in lower than expected and thousands of jobs been lost in the mortgage industry we are not headed in a good direction.

What do you think Bernanke will do?
A. Tell us to get over it and stop whining
B. Cut the rate by a half-point
C. Cut the rate by a quarter point
D. Drop the ball