For the thousands of honest people like me, who just dread walking into Home Depot to get the items for that do it your self project (which falls apart two days later). There might be hope. Home Depot is rolling out a new store concept. This concept will be more accessible and consultative with customers’ interior design projects. The two new design centers are located in Charlotte, NC and Concord, CA.

“When a customer wants to spend money on a new bathroom, he can absolutely go to any of our 2,200 stores and do that, but the [core] store isn’t conditioned to handle 20 people all doing the same massive project,” says Jason Feldman, senior director of merchandising for Home Depot. “We can provide that experience in these stores.” Whether the project is a complete rip-and-replace of a bathroom or kitchen, or simply a closet reorganization, the Design Centers are trying to capture business with a model that emphasizes look, feel, and style.

I actually think this just might be a step in the right direction, as Home Depot’s reputation has been damaged by their challenged customer service. The trick now is to really listen to the customer experience in this new format and then incorporate it into the larger Home Depot stores. Anything short of this might just keep the customer experience at the current less than stellar level.

Do you think this new concept will help Home Depot?