An experienced cruise couple (Brenda and Gerald Moran) from Cleveland are/”was” huge fans of Royal Caribbean. For the past few years that went on about two cruises a year and sunk their money into Royal Caribbean stock.

The couple experienced a plethora of problems over the last three years: the toilet overflowed and left an unpleasant odor in the room (according to them the cruise ship refused to assign them another room-though they did clean up the mess), birthday greeting being delivered to the wrong stateroom, they were locked out of their cabin for a few hours. They sent a “lovely” correspondence to the cruise line. Royal Caribbean extended an olive branch and tried to solve the problems and extended discounts and onboard credits.

Royal Caribbean came to the conclusion that they couldn’t satisfy this couple and they were not happy about the couple blogging about their bad experiences and the compensation that they received. So last November, Royal Caribbean notified the couple that they were no longer welcome (and never to come back) on any Royal Caribbean International ship, including the company’s subsidiaries Celebrity and Azamara.

Apparently Royal Caribbean was feed up with the complaining and figured the best way to solve the problem was to throw them off all of their ships forever. Needless to say the couple was shocked and amazed.

Do you think Royal Caribbean made the right decision?