We’ve Taken This Journey Before – And Fresh PASSION Got Us Through!

An unpopular president replaced by a charismatic visionary with strikingly different ideals. Russia and Iran creating havoc on the world stage. Unemployment figures reaching levels unseen for a generation and food prices shooting upward. Yes, early 1981 was an uncertain time in U.S. history!

Despite all the talk of “historic” unemployment, economic recession, security threats, etc., the fact is we’ve been here before, folks. Russia was a larger nation known as the U.S.S.R. and the country was politically moving left to right instead of right to left, but overall we’re looking at a scenario today very similar to the one we were looking at in 1981.

As anyone who remembers the early 1980s knows, the tough times lasted quite a while. But anyone who remembers that era also knows that when those tough times ended, they were followed by an historic boom period that lasted for the rest of the decade, followed by a recession in the early 1990s, followed by another historic boom period, followed another recession….you get the idea!

By no means am I making light of the hardships so many people are suffering due to the current recession, which is at least as bad as any the country has faced since the 1930s. What I am trying to do is remind everyone that unfortunately, history tends to move in cycles. We alternate between bad times and good times, with occasional mediocre stretches in-between. The people of this country have faced tremendous hardships in the last few hundred years and always survived them, coming out better and stronger than ever.

And they have survived, and even thrived, in the lean years by following the principles upon which I have built the concept of Fresh PASSION – dedicating themselves to achieving their personal best and making their dreams a reality despite any adversities that come their way. Fresh PASSION followers know they cannot control the larger world events which unfold during their lifetimes. But they can control how they react to outside events, or better yet, act in the face of them. So maintain your laser focus on your aspirations during the challenging days that lay ahead. Even if you do not achieve all your aspirations now, you’ll be far ahead of the victims and whiners who choose to sit back and complain while times are tough when the inevitable recovery finally occurs.