Baseball Offers Lessons in Staying Laser Focused on Your Aspiration

Although the ice, cold and snow will unfortunately be with us for some time to come, the annual return of Spring Training reminds us that warmer weather is, in fact, on the way. Baseball players are emerging from their off-season hibernation spots and starting to work off the rust as they physically and mentally prepare for another long, grueling season.

Beyond trying to bring a smile to your face with the promise of spring, I bring up spring training because the dedication of baseball players is a perfect example of Fresh PASSION in action. Say what you will about baseball players’ bloated salaries and/or egos, these guys approach their jobs with an intensity and focus that is nothing short of admirable.

More than any other professional sport, baseball demands discipline and dedication. The season lasts 162 games and is played during the hottest months of the year. Even the most vocal fans will admit baseball games can often turn into long exercises in tedium, yet the players must remain completely sharp and focused throughout. Staying on top of the game’s fundamentals requires even its biggest stars to spend endless hours performing dull, repetitive drills.

Sadly, professional baseball also serves as a reminder of how critical maintaining personal and professional integrity is to maintaining your brand’s value. Some of the game’s most popular and successful players have sustained irreparable harm to their reputations by using steroids and other banned performance enhancing substances. Time will tell, but there is a possibility that some players who would otherwise be no-brainer additions to the Hall of Fame will be denied entry because of their link to illegal performance enhancers. Remember, even the shiniest brand can quickly lose its luster if it is not properly maintained and protected!

For most of us, playing professional baseball is nothing more than a dream we abandoned as kids. But even if you can’t match the athletic feats of professional baseball players, you can match their intense preparation, aspiration for success, laser focus on their jobs, and high level of vigor. So take a break from your brand-building efforts this spring and summer to take in a baseball game or two. If anyone questions why you’re “slacking,” just tell them you’re picking up a few brand-building tips by watching Fresh PASSION in action!

Fresh Passion-Get a Brand or Die a Generic® is Michael’s signature work that is credited with helping him and thousands of others gain exponential personal and professional success.