Everyone Benefits When You Give Back

In my previous blog entry, I reminded my readers how important it is to give thanks to all those who help you with your brand-building efforts. In other past entries I have also encouraged everyone to be generous in providing assistance to members of their brand networks, as people who you help out are much more likely to help you out when you need it.

Today, I’d like to touch upon the importance of also helping those who do not or likely cannot help you back, but still deserve your assistance. I’m talking about charity and how important showing generosity to those less fortunate is for any quality brand and for any quality person.

Most importantly, charity is simply the right thing to do. Part of building your brand is building yourself as a human being, and you will never fully realize your personal potential until you reach out and help someone for the pure sake of helping them. The people you serve hot meals to at a soup kitchen may never become your clients, but they will help you in far more meaningful ways than putting a few dollars in your pocket.

Charity, whether offered through time, effort and/or financial assistance, makes you a better person, which in turn makes you a better professional. Achieving maximum personal and professional success is not accomplished through greed and avarice, but through a genuine effort to use your talents for the benefit of others.

And I will add that charitable organizations and causes offer an excellent opportunity to develop new contacts for your brand-building network and also sharpen or gain professional skills. If you spend a few hours a month fundraising for a worthy cause, don’t be surprised if that experience rubs off in your efforts to win new clients or close sales. The person who runs your local food pantry may also run a small company that is in desperate need of the exact services you provide.

At this time of year, charity is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, which is a wonderful thing. But don’t settle for just doing an annual good deed during the holidays. When the weather is warm and breezy it’s easier to forget about people (or animals, museums and historic foundations, etc.) that need help, but the need is the same as when the weather is cold and frightful. Make charity a core component of your brand-building activities throughout the year, and watch as everyone involved benefits. It’s a rare true “no-lose” proposition!


How do you make charity a part of your brand? Share your experience today!