This New Year, Make Every Day Count for Your Brand

So it is now the middle of January and for many of you, those pesky New Year’s resolutions to eat less, exercise more, get up earlier on Saturday mornings, call Aunt Martha more regularly, etc., have probably already gone by the wayside. I’m not judging you; it is hard to maintain these commitments in the face of the craziness that is everyday life in 21st century America (or any other country).

However, I propose that in this still-New Year, you dedicate yourself to one simple resolution: make every day count for your brand. That may sound like an awfully tall order, but it’s actually easier than you think.

To make every day truly count for your brand, all you have to do is make one extra effort you otherwise might not have made. If it’s five minutes before the workday is over and you’re tempted to slip out the back door, stay at your desk and make one more client phone call. If there’s a valuable networking session scheduled at the same time as your favorite slew of prime time TV shows, get the TiVo working and go mingle with your professional peers. Hand out that last business card in your wallet; it isn’t that expensive to get more printed.

Making an extra phone call or blowing off a night of TV may not sound like things that make a huge difference, and in and of themselves they probably don’t. But when you keep doing them day in, day out for a whole year, the cumulative effect will be tremendous. Your name and face will be much more present and recognizable, and over time that extra effort will become noticed and help build you a solid brand reputation as a reliable, hard-working professional.

Best of all, after taking an extra step every day for a whole year, it will become a set part of your routine and you won’t even have to worry about making every day count for your brand a resolution for 2011. So next year you can focus on shedding those 10 extra pounds, or going to the gym instead of sleeping late on Saturdays, or calling Aunt Martha to thank her for that lovely hand-knit argyle sweater she seems to give you every Christmas.

What types of extra steps do you take on a daily basis to help build your brand? Share your tips with your fellow brand-builders!