Stay Laser Focused on Your Brand and Your Success!
Laser focus is the key to every aspect of the Fresh PASSION formula. Without intently focusing on each one of these areas, you’ll miss the mark and not deliver your brand. Life has a way of tempting us to lose focus and become disillusioned, so it is your responsibility to maintain your laser focus on tailor-building a foundation for personal and professional success.

Let’s think in military terms for a moment – the most firepower on the smallest target wins. A tiny laser burns through thick steel walls. You need to apply this same intense laser focus to the aspirations you previously noted.

Let me give an example of the dangers of not staying laser focused. A potential client wanted to have lunch with me to talk about how he could grow his struggling fitness business. I asked him what was causing his business to collapse, and he said he just couldn’t get the customers to come back after their initial sessions. He said that he was just going to close that location and open up another location about 40 miles away. He went on to state that he was going to sign the lease in two weeks and that the new place was beautiful. What he really needed to do was focus on what was causing customers not to come back rather than spend his time trying to open up a new business that would likely fail as well.

No matter the distractions, no matter what comes your way, it is most critical that you stay focused. The ability to stay focused is often the difference between obtaining your aspiration versus not obtaining your aspiration.

For a perfect example of how staying laser focused can help you achieve your grandest aspirations, let’s turn our attention to the world of professional golf. Despite providing the seeming advantage of hitting a stationary object, anyone who has spent any time trying to master golf knows how incredibly difficult and frustrating it is to hit a golf ball properly once, never mind approximately 72 (or many more!) times during the course of several hours.

Yet the world’s top professional golfers do just that on a routine basis, often coming in several strokes under par while playing the most challenging courses in the world. Mastering golf at this level takes almost unimaginable laser focus, spending hours a day practicing dull, routine shots like hitting out of a sand bunker until they become second nature. And during a game which is slow-paced and generally lasts several hours, pro golfers must stay solely focused on the task at hand and nothing else.

I will not call anyone out by name, but I think we all know about a very famous golfer who achieved the pinnacle of success both in and out of the sport through unparalleled discipline and focus on the course, until his undisciplined private life became revealed to the world. He hasn’t been the same golfer since; I sincerely hope he conquers his personal demons and once again becomes a shining example of just how far staying laser focused can take you.

Have you locked in on your aspiration with a laser focus? Take the following golf-themed “Heart Check” to find out just how much intensity your focus really contains. We are going to score your answers a little differently in this article than in previous articles. In the spirit of keeping things fresh, for this Heart Check the lower your score, the closer you are to achieving true laser focus. Answer each question using the following scale of one to five points, and remember to aim low!

5 Wait, that’s really, really true about me- Strongly agree
4 That would be me- Agree
3 50/50 sometimes, sometimes not- somewhat agree
2 That absolutely has nothing to do with me-Disagree
1 Let me take the fifth on this- Strongly disagree
6.5 Heart Check Questions

1. I find myself preoccupied by multiple focuses that are unrelated to each other and do not lead to a common goal.
2. It seems like I am constantly losing focus on what it takes to succeed.
3. I can be easily persuaded to take my eyes off the prize.
4. I tend to focus on mundane, trivial, and/or short-term concerns rather than long-range goals and aspirations.
5. The people closest to me are unaware of my focus on my aspirations.
6. I find that my focus is often blurred and I’m not sure why.
6.5 I am surrounded by people and things that distract me.

Now that you’ve taken the test, let’s analyze your score:

If you scored from 27-35, you scored a double bogey (two over par). You allow yourself to be completely distracted from your goals and aspirations by petty and meaningless things, and probably haven’t identified a primary aspiration. You will have virtually no chance of achieving true success in life until you buckle down and force yourself to focus on something concrete, meaningful and long-term.

If you scored from 21-26, you scored a bogey (one over par). You may have identified a legitimate aspiration and are making some effort to achieve it, but are too easily distracted to make much headway.

If you scored from 14-20, you scored par. Your aspiration is in sight and in mind, but at a distance. Your focus is there, but not strong enough to make your aspiration a reality.

If you scored from 9-13, you scored a birdie (one under par). You think long-term and consider your aspiration before making any major decision. But something is still missing – maybe your loved ones don’t really know about your aspiration or you would be willing to change your path if the “right offer” came along.

If you scored a 7 or 8, you scored a hole in one. Excepting family and health, your aspiration is the single most important thing in your life. You are always working toward your aspiration in everything you do and you ignore or eliminate any distractions or temptations that pull you away from it. Be careful at the clubhouse bar, though, traditionally anyone who scores a hole in one has to buy a round for the house!