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Clients, Colleagues and friends continue to exclaim to me that they would work on creating and enhancing their personal brand – if they had more hours in the day. Well, getting more hours added to the day will not happen. The secret is to get more productivity out of the day- you heard me? I can share with you hundreds of examples of clients who have created the time and space to take themselves from generics to world-class personal brands- where they are experiencing exponential personal and professional success.

To help you maximize your productivity (yes you can get 30 hours out of a 24 hour day) I want to recommend a fantastic program that my colleague Jason Womack delivers. Increasing your productivity will afford you the time to create and execute your world-class personal brand.

Mastering Workplace Performance Online

Learn professional productivity and performance techniques to achieve your objectives. Equip yourself with the tools and the processes to get more of their
work done, on time, with fewer resources and with less stress. Manage the details that create effective workdays and successful professional careers.

Lessons designed to:
▪ Study your own productivity and performance habits, strategies and actions
▪ Understand and apply current time and action management techniques
▪ Learn and practice effective learning and communication processes
▪ Save time through the application of front-side workflow processing


Your partner for fresh results,
Michael D. Brown


Are you really struggling?

We are seeing a flurry of statistics this month that paint an almost doom and gloom picture of the economy? Unemployment is up, foreclosures are increasing, food prices are growing like wild flowers and oil prices are up and down.

I have a quick question for you

Are you better off now than you were a year ago?



About the same

Today, I like many Americans are rushing to ship gifts far and near-hoping that they will at least make it there by December 26. Each year I promise myself that I will start early (it just never happens). I checked out the shipping rate and guaranteed delivery date on for a package that I was shipping to IL. If I shipped the package today (Monday, December 18, 2006) via UPS ground it will be delivered by end of day on Friday, December 22, 2006. This works for me so I threw the package in the car (I hope it didn’t break!) and rushed down to the UPS store to ship the package.After waiting in line for a bit (as to be expected-it’s the holiday season); the clerk put my item in a box, threw in some packaging stuff (I think it’s called styrofoam popcorn) and ranged up $8 for that lovely package service. What was about to happen next took me by surprise. She told me that in order for it to make it there by Christmas I would have to ship the package by UPS 2nd day air for $32 dollars, otherwise the package wouldn’t arrive until December 28. I looked in amazement and stated that I would just ship it by UPS ground for $12 (as the website stated that it would be there by the 22nd). I would advise retailers, organizations, firms, etc. to always treat the customer with honesty. Customers are desperate now, they want there gift to arrive on time and will likely pay whatever they are told. But rest assured these same customers will remember how you jacked up their postage (for no reason) during Christmas.The Customer Experience needs to be present 365 days a year- What kind of experience are you providing?

Michael D. Brown